Talks and tutorials made in Datio: From Mesos to Akka

At Datio we have a lot of knowledge to share inside and outside our offices. That’s why our dationers are starting to feed the Datio youtube channel with talks and useful videotutorials for everyone interested in the big data world.


In the two talks about Mesos, Roberto Veral explains what is Mesos, how does it work and makes an interesting review of this open-source software project to manage computer clusters.




Likewise, Samuel Martín, using the videotutorial format, shows in Aggregator pattern in Akka how to deal with a typical situation in Akka in which you have several test that must be running in parallel and after all of them have finished how to send the information to the requesters using an aggregator pattern.



Enjoy it!



We are a team that has as main objective the dissemination and training of the technological stack that sustains Datio. We also ensure the quality and coherence of our technical documentation.

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