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After nine months, our data platform begins to take shape around its fundamental technology pieces.


On January 2015, Datio was born as a strategic alliance between BBVA and Stratio to offer new data solutions on a large scale that accelerate growth and enable a better customer experience, adapting the bank products to people’s real lives. We want to be leaders in technology and transformation and create a competitive advantage for the bank in regards to data and the value it provides.


A Tier 1 retail bank manages a high volume of valuable data resulting from customer and employees interaction. This data is continuously growing due to the increasing channel, process and culture digitalization within the banks. In this context, knowledge obtained from data can be used not only to build better financial products and services, but also to help third parties with helpful insights that can be used to create value for the consumer.


Due to the data-intensive nature of the business, banks have historically been very active investing in technology to process and analyze data, but at the same time they face increasingly strong requirements related with security, compliance and legacy compatibility. On the other hand, pure digital players like Google, Amazon and Facebook are in a position to offer financial services based on radical new technologies designed for scale and speed with no legacy limitations and at a much lower operating cost.


Our goal for the next months is to build and deploy a new generation data platform providing web scale processing and real time data services for the big enterprise: with flexibility to deploy and operate in private or public clouds, legacy data integration, integrated security through all the technology stack and built-in data governance.




We will also build automation and DevOps features required to allow very short time-to-market on new developments, contributing to accelerate transformation within the organization.


But transformation is not just about technology: a start-up culture and agile methodology is part of our DNA and can be applied on a larger scale, enhancing innovation, speed and success on large organizations. We strongly believe that values like openness, collaboration, interaction with developer communities and early adoption of new ideas create an environment where people are really excited to work and contribute.


After nine months, our data platform begins to take shape around its fundamental technology pieces (Spark-Mesos-Akka-HDFS-Kafka-Jupyter…) with real life projects developed on top of the basis stack, providing real time events monitoring, advanced customer analytics and sandbox environments to support data science activities. We will be extending the base architecture with new features and use cases in the next months according a defined roadmap.


We are tech enthusiasts, we love technology and are interested about the latest trends and advancements in software and development of almost anything, but especially in all related to Big Data, Machine Learning and complex systems operation.


However, in this blog there is room not only for technological information but also for discussion on methodology, operations and employee engagement.


We hope this will be the first step on a long journey.  


Enjoy it with us!


Manuel Vigil

I am really motivated by technology, teamwork and the development of end to end and transforming solutions. My career path has been tied to technological companies like Indra, Meta4, Calculo, Paradigma and Stratio, where I have the chance to grow and enjoy myself implementing solutions for the most important Spanish companies of Telecommunication, Finance, Industry and Government. Nowadays I am CEO in Datio and my role is helping to combine people, methodologies and technologies, to build the best data solutions for the bank industry.

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