Data Developers Fundamentals BootCamp: A complete immersion into Datio Platform

More than 160 people have already taked part of the Data Developers Fundamentals (DDF) training since the beginning of program, a year ago. In this BootCamp, taught by Datio Academy in collaboration with BBVA Tech University, the students can obtain, over 24 modules, a complete review of the basics concepts, languages, tools, methodologies and the workflow related to the technology stack involved in the work with the data platform and its dependencies with other Ether disciplines.

The BBVA Campus in La Moraleja has been the space in which, through twelve editions, dozen of participants have completed a full 40-hour immersion to learn the structure and procedures necessary to work on the new data platform.

The DDF is also part of the Transcendence project, which has allowed  to more than 1.300 technical profiles (between data developers and data analysts) to be trained in 7 geographies throught 28 courses. In words of Ricardo Forcano, global head of engineering, Datio has become a relevant tool for BBVA and its day-to-day operations, because the solidity, stability and advanced analytics provided by the data platform, increase the trust in BBVA by helping customers and companies to manage their finances and improve their decisions. 



We are a team that has as main objective the dissemination and training of the technological stack that sustains Datio. We also ensure the quality and coherence of our technical documentation.

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